Hug Engineering: Nauticlean® and Clean4Marine® to reduce NOx, CO, HC, PM and PN

The new IMO Tier III and the upcoming NRMM Stage 5 regulations on reduction of NOx, CO, HC, PM and PN are a hot topic in the shipping industry. Hug Engineering has developed the Nauticlean® and Clean4Marine® to reduce these values to the required limits with NOx reduction up to 95% and PM reduction up to 99%. Our Nauticlean® is the first SCR / DPF system which IMO Tier III certified by LR. We will build these systems according the applicable regulations and also take all your technical needs and requirements into account.

Emission regulations are becoming stricter and NECA areas are growing. This give a challenge to the shipping industry to comply with these regulations. Our goal is to reduce the harmful elements from the exhaust gasses which causes health and environmental problems.

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