Corrosion: Protecting vessels and offshore wind parks against corrosion and fouling by ICCP- and ICAF-systems

Corrosion is a first class manufacturer and supplier of high quality, turnkey Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP), ICAF (Impressed Current Anti-fouling) or MGPS (Marine Growth Protection System) & more! The company serves the maritime and offshore sectors, safeguarding the long-term performance. They protect over more than 4000 vessels against corrosion and fouling by implementing our ICCP and ICAF-systems.

Corrosion Laboratory makes the expertise available on all corrosion and antifouling related issues. Flexible test setups for the customer’s corrosion/fouling problem are available.

Offshore wind

Corrosion cathodic protection protects more than 900 offshore wind turbines against corrosion. Offshore wind means sustainable energy. Although the old sacrificial anodes are effective, they leave tons of aluminum in the seawater. An offshore windfarm with 80 windmills that is constructed on a steel monopile in the seabed uses circa 650.000 kg aluminum anode material (25 years of lifetime) before it dissolves in the sea. The Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system of Corrosion only dissolves 1 kg Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) under the same conditions! A very large carbon footprint is already realized at the production of 650.000 kg aluminum anodes.

Corrosion and fouling Laboratory

The expanding of Corrosion with her own laboratory, shows the progress of Corrosion to innovate & be sustainable. One of the main goals of Corrosion is to solve specific corrosion questions regarding offshore wind industry. Important subjects in this category are microbiological corrosion (MIC) and the protection of the inner parts of the underwater foundations against corrosion, without the emission of dangerous amounts of gas.

Corrosion Maritime

Boxcoolers are always potential victims to fouling. Barnacles, mussels, algae and other types of shellfish grow on the boxcooler and thus affect it’s heat transfer function. Ships operating in the coastal water run the greatest risk. The Impressed Current Anti-Fouling (ICAF) system also known as Marine Growth Protection System (MGPS) is a guarantee to effectively prevent this kind of fouling.
The functioning principle is based on an artificially triggered voltage difference between the copper anodes and integrated steel plate cathodes. As the copper dissolves into the seawater, an ambient environment is created precluding fouling and protecting the boxcoolers. The Power Unit of the system ensures that the copper anodes add the exact required amount of copper particles to the seawater.
Sustainability, knowledge, innovation & export

By having all this knowledge in-house, Corrosion wishes to strengthen its international position. The outcomes of researches are being applied directly to our products and services. Customers are being served in a sustainable way.

Corrosion is convinced of the contribution that sustainability adds to her targets and main goals like protection of the environment.

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