ABB: An essential package based on measuring, reporting and training

The fuel usage is a large part of the operational expenses on board a vessel, energy savings will for most vessels implicate a lower fuel bill. Besides the cost savings, the impact on the environmental footprint is just as important. ABB has brought its solutions in a program which starts with the essential package which is mainly based on the principles of measuring, reporting and training to have the first 3% reduction on burned fuel.

Soon as this has been implemented and you know in which situations the vessel is using the most fuel. The next step is to start using saving techniques related to propulsion and energy usage. This can be split in systems with a medium impact on the installation.

Starting with the awareness on the impact on how we generate or use energy and to repeat this in a program the organization will embed these and from there you can start with using technical solutions to save more energy.

From the broad range of ABB products the following sustainable solutions can be highlighted:



ABB frequency drives


High efficiency motor

The next level of energy saving can be achieved with systems having a higher impact on the vessel or its external infrastructure to install such as onshore power supply, variable speed shaft generator, dynamic AC network. These systems can be considered during new built or as part of a life time extension program.




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