Merchints Cleaning & Services: Using more environmentally friendly ingredients

Merchints Cleaning & Services BV is committed to sustainability concepts. There is a focus on meeting customer needs and flexible manufacturing capabilities allows Merchints Cleaning & Services to work closely with customers to develop and supply environmentally friendly products. The scientists in the Cee-Bee Aviation/Maritime Products business continually work with customers to provide new formulations that meet performance targets, yet use more environmentally friendly ingredients. Examples of these efforts are new formulations that reduce the use of volatile organic chemicals (VOC’s) and the replacement of materials that were shown to degrade slowly in the environment with biodegradable ingredients.

On the level of waste the products dissolve urinary scaling in vacuum toilet systems by using very effective, safe and environmental friendly, Honey Bee 120MR descaling products. This is absolute non hazardous.

On the level of air the products provide a healthy indoor environment by using CeeBee-CleanAir Probiotics and nano diffusers. This creates a pathogene free indoor environment for passengers and crew.

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