Lagersmit: Supreme Athmos ensures zero oil-emission to the environment

Are you looking for a sealing solution that ensures zero oil emissions? The Supreme Athmos is designed for ships with a limited draught (up to five meters), ensures zero oil-emission to the environment and provides a safe operation by preventing water entering into the system. If you have a yacht, inland vessel or a ferry the Supreme Athmos is the right sealing solution for your vessel.

The Supreme Athmos features a fail safe and Condition Monitoring option to deliver you optimal peace of mind. If the system fails, the seal will switch to its normal sealing mode. The drain tank captures the little oil that the seal uses and the tank indicates when it should be emptied. That way, the seals’ condition can be monitored at all times. The Supreme Athmos consists of bronze housing parts, a chrome steel liner, one oil and two water repellant NBR lip seals. In addition the system uses a compact drain tank with self-regulatory air-control unit.


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