Triple R Nederland B.V.: Triple R Bypass filters

The Triple R Bypass makes oil cleaner and reduces wear of machines by more than 50%. A better control of problems is possible via Triple R Bypass by using a filter element as analysis tool which prevents failure and extends the lifespan. Via this you can raise the reliability, productivity and availability of the machine.

The use of Triple R Bypass brings a 5 times longer oil lifetime. Also, because the machine will last longer, there will be less impact on the environment.

Being able to control your maintenance costs, assure machine reliability and looking after the environment = (carefree) GREEN SAILING.

Summarized the bypass creates the following advantages:
– Fewer raw materials are needed for new oil
– Postponin oil changes results in a substantial reduction of oil related waste
– Reduced maintenance
– Reduced down time
– Reduced wear
– Extended component life, like bearings, gears, seals, pumps

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A substantial reduction of emissions as soot, black smoke, CO, CO2 and NOx