Mampaey Offshore Industries: Less physical strain and manual handling of the crew because of automation

One of the keywords of Mampaey Offshore Industries’ intelligent Docklocking System® is sustainability. This auto-mooring system satisfies a growing need for a faster and safer means of mooring bunker tankers alongside other vessels whilst intelligently adapting to complex dynamic external movements. The intelligent Docklocking system® is a compact and extremely flexible system, which enables it to be installed on a wide variety of vessels, quays and jetties, for any mooring situation demanded.

The sustainability due to the intelligent Docklocking System® means less physical strain and manual handling of the crew, as the entire mooring process is automated. Additionally, it reduces the mooring cycle times, which results in a drastic decrease in running hours of the engine/thrusters. This in turn lowers the emissions every bunker operation. After being operational for over 3 years in the port of Rotterdam, the intelligent Docklocking System® has a proven track record in terms of reduction in fuel consumption and an increase in safety and efficiency. Also in this segment, iDL® can contribute to greener ports while ensuring the highest safety standards.

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