Eddy Tug: a revolutionary hybrid harbour tug

EDDY Tug has designed a revolutionary hybrid harbour tug that operates based on three key principles; safety, performance and economy. The hull shape, inline configuration and hybrid drive train allow the tugs to gain a distinct advantage over more conventional designs. The diesel-direct / diesel-electrical hybrid drive train, reduces the amount of fuel consumed by enabling the operator to choose the right propulsion settings for any operational profile. Furthermore, running hours, thus maintenance, on the main engines are reduced as well as the emission of noxious gases. Lastly, the electrical drive greatly increases the manoeuvrability of the EDDY Tug, which is helpful in currents, near large vessels, or in confined spaces, such as locks. The well thought-out design and relentless drive for optimal performace, lead to an instinctively manoevrable tug, with high comfort levels, against building costs that rival conventional designs.

Where tugs are built with Bollard Pull as a main indicator of the tug in question, it only comprises approx 2% of the operational cycle of a tug according to several studies. This makes the conventional drive trains inefficient at an arge range of the operational cycle. With its hybrid drive train, EDDY Tug has developed a setup that effectively address the entire range, thus reducing fule consumption, emission of noxious gases and maintenance costs. In addition, the propulsion setup allows for much more precise manoeuvring of the tug. This, in combination with the large tumblehome, high reserve buoyancy, spacious design, compartimentalized hull, efficient hull shape and several other factors, makes the EDDY Tug a design that pushes the envelope in the tug building world.

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