el-Tec: Groningen eMPS Golden Raand first Groninger tour boat with hybrid propulsion

The Golden Raand of Rondvaartbedrijf Kool is the first Groninger tour boat with a hybrid drive. Which replaces the old DAF diesel engine. The ship was built in 1994, but made on April 14 another successful trial in the Groningen canals. eL-Tec elektrotechnologie provided the ship electric propulsion with a diesel generator as a backup. The ship is now fully electric and able to make the round trip without charging.

Suitable for meetings Between two tours the newly installed battery bank is fully charged. The emissions and diesel use were reduced enormously. During the cruise itself there are even zero emissions! Moreover, the ship is now silent, so that passengers can enjoy optimal of Groningen. Rondvaartbedrijf Kool can now offer sailing meetings and funerals with no noise on board. For emergency situations and cruises placed outside the city there is a most energy efficient and environmentally friendly diesel (called Tier 4 version) installed.


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