eL-Tec: Converting of a seven year old dry cargo ship to a parallel hybrid ship

eL-Tec converts a seven year old dry cargo ship to a parallel hybrid ship. The seven-year-old ship Borelli will be the second ship which is equipped with the very compact eL-Tec Power System parallel hybrid solution with a permanent magnet propulsion motor (360kW), permanent magnet generators (1x350kW & 1x280kW), bow thruster (440kW) and PowerMaster inverters. The goal of the renovation of the Borelli is fundamentally bring CO2 emissions down and save fuel. In addition, the parties concerned with this green ship want to make a statement to show the industry that it is possible to greening an existing ship.

So now the seven year old Borelli has become green!

The techniques used in the Borelli (First DC retrofit in Europe!) help other ships in the future to reduce CO2 emissions and save fuel. The vessel is equipped with an after treatment installation and tier 4 generators. Within a few months the first test results are expected.


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“During the cruise itself there are even zero emissions!”

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