Van Oossanen Fluid Dynamics: Hullform optimisation

If you are in the process of designing, building or refitting a vessel, Van Oossanen Fluid Dynamics can analyze and improve the hydrodynamic performance of your ship using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Direct benefits are fuel economy, crew or passenger comfort by reduced accelerations, wind hinder or green water effects, and an increased speed.

With over 25 years of experience, Van Oossanen has developed a broad spectrum of optimization tools to analyze the flow around a ship’s hull or appendages. Answering all questions on resistance and propulsion, hull improvement and optimization, wave reduction and sailing comfort, and the effects of hull shape on maneuvering. By improving the flow around the hull or appendages of a ship or yacht, maneuvering issues are resolved, vibrations and noise are reduced, and faster speeds are achieved. This means a reduce of the sound effects, save fuel and propulsions and the possibility to create more space within a hull due to smaller installed engines that are necessary. Optimized hull designs contribute to the Blue Efficiency of vessels and make the maritime industry ready for the future in a sustainable way.


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