Lankhorst Ropes: ‘Through Life, For Life’, a recycling scheme for ropes

Lankhorst Ropes is committed to sustainability in its products and operations, conserving energy and natural resources wherever possible. Lankhorst’s ‘Through Life, For Life’ service promotes sustainable rope management by enhancing rope performance and service life while using retired ropes for research and producing other products. Lankhorst Ropes introduced the maritime rope industry’s first recycling scheme, preventing retired synthetic ropes being wasted and polluting the environment and assisting many of our partners in enhancing their environmental policies. Lankhorst Ropes also supports other sustainability projects including the Ocean Cleanup Project, which is developing a system to remove waste plastics from the oceans.

The ‘Through Life’ aspect of Lankhorst’s service uses mooring plan development, rope selection and training to allow operators to safely utilise ropes for longer. Choosing the ideal rope for the application ensures performance while the latest training supports easier handling and strengthens maintenance.

‘For Life’, once a rope has been retired it can be recycled and made into new plastic products. However, before recycling the rope is tested to determine residual strength; knowing the retired rope’s condition enables Lankhorst to continue rope innovation and better predict service life length, ensuring ropes are not replaced prematurely and enhancing sustainable rope management.


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