C-Job: Texelstroom

Complete initial, concept and basic design for a revolutionary energy efficient CNG-Electric Hybrid Ferry, the Texelstroom. This design features the following solutions: heat recovery system, peak shaving technology (with batteries), solar panels, reuse of waste water, LED lightning, intelligent ventilation and optimized hydro- and aerodynamics.

The design of the Texelstroom is sustainable in many aspects. First the use of energy has been minimized by means of intelligent ventilation, re-use of wastewater, LED lighting and optimized hydro- and aerodynamics. Secondly, and as a result of the reduced need for energy, the installed power has been reduced in comparison with its predecessor. Thirdly, the emissions CO2, SOX and NOX has been reduced by sailing on CNG and by an optimized battery/engine configuration which has been designed such that the engines are always running efficiently (not partly loaded).

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