CSR Netherlands: The sustainable procurement tool

Within the Maritime Industry, a project team of seven companies including various leader firms is developing a sustainable procurement web-tool to assess the sustainability degree of suppliers. The tool is based on various international CSR standards and simultaneously takes into account specific conditions in the maritime environment, such as emissions. The tool allows companies throughout the entire maritime sector to execute assessments of the sustainability level of their suppliers, and offers an overview of the main assessment results to all its users.

The sustainable procurement tool creates a uniform standard for the maritime industry to assess sustainability levels for individual companies. Assessment results can be transparently shared. The introduction of this web-tool, developed by a consortium of maritime companies and based on international CSR standards, including ISO 26000, will accelerate and harmonise the process of sustainable procurement in the maritime sector. It stimulates maritime companies throughout the supply chain to comply with a range of demands resulting from corporate social responsible business conduct. By aligning methods and collaborating through this platform the companies involved reap efficiency gains in their sustainable procurement processes.

The current project partners consist of: Royal Boskalis, Heerma, Flinter, Eriks, PON Power, Royal IHC and Theunissen Technical Trading. CSR Netherlands is the project coordinator. Parties outside the project group are welcome to indicate their interest to join.