ThermaSmart Pro: The world’s toughest technical insulation

Durable health and safety and are any captain’s number one concern before setting sail for a new destination. Choosing the right materials is key in this challenge.

Thermaflex presents the world’s toughest technical insulation; ThermaSmart PRO.

The extreme robustness, combined with a-polarity and an integrated water vapor barrier eliminates common risks like corrosion, the formation of bacteria & fungi, energy loss and deterioration of HVAC installations. ThermaSmart PRO is the world’s first and absolute winner when it comes to safety, maintenance cost and performance over lifetime.

Unlike traditional rubber materials, ThermaSmart PRO is free of noxious smoke and provides excellent fire resistance – offering comfortable peace of mind for any captain.

As the world’s only Cradle to Cradle Certified™ technical insulation; ThermaSmart PRO is free of any toxic compounds. On top of that, all residual wastes can be recycled through our reclaim program.

Our Cradle to Cradle Certified Material health certificate and UL-validated Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) offer full transparency of these properties.

As opposed to other insulation materials, the system is 100% homogeneously weldable; lowering the need of toxic glues while allowing for a quick, yet highly reliable installation. Frontrunners in the cruise ship industry already enjoy the high and stable performance as well as the unmatched lifetime expectancy of both the insulation, piping and HVAC equipment.

ThermaSmart PRO is developed and produced by Thermaflex, a family owned company where taking care of future generations has been in our very nature since 1976.

Not only this year Thermaflex is working on sustainability. Read more about their path.