MAN Rollo: An environmental friendly passenger vessel

MAN Rollo has been supplying diesel and gas engines to the industrial and marine sectors for over a hundred years. Today, the company is also active in solutions that use LNG as fuel in marine applications. For instance, MAN Rollo has developed three 480 ekW gas generator sets for the environmentally friendly ferry MS Helgoland, which was recently taken into service.

The ship provides a ferry service between the northern German city of Cuxhaven and the island of Helgoland in the North Sea all year round. The 79-metre-long ferry can accommodate a thousand passengers and is entirely built according to the ‘Blue Angel’ environmental standards.

Using LNG (liquid natural gas) as a fuel gives result: soot particles are largely eliminated, and NOx and CO2 emissions are significantly reduced.

There is an emission reduction, compared to a Auxiliary generatorset with diesel as a fuel, of 80% reduction of NOx No & No SOx and 25% reduction of CO2.

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