Koseq: Rigid Sweeping Arm systems

Koseq is a worldwide supplier of unique mechanical oil spill recovery equipment and customised solutions. Dutch-based Koseq is also the inventor of the Rigid Sweeping Arm Systems. With the Rigid Sweeping Arm systems, we provide clients with a time-effective, dynamic and efficient method to respond to oil spill incidents with proven results worldwide. Koseq made its first developments in dynamic oil recovery in 1968, in The Netherlands. Since then, Koseq leads the market of Rigid Sweeping Arm Systems.

Since the Sweeping Arms are made entirely of steel, they perform better and longer than other oil spill recovery systems. The¬†sweeping arms of Koseq also perform offshore to recover oil, while other oil spill recovery equipment can’t perform as well as the sweeping arms in offshore. Recovering more oil in less amount of time, at the same time using sustainable materials to make up the sweeping arms.

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