Veth Propulsion: The Veth Hybrid Drive

The Veth Hybrid Drive has two different drives: Diesel-direct en Diesel/LNG electric. Both propulsion systems can be used within their optimum yield curves and the asynchronous electric motor can also be used as a generator. In short, this is the ideal solution to many sailing profiles! We delivered the first Hybrid Drive to inland vessel “Semper Fi” and used craftmanship and experiences to improve the product so we could recently deliver to tug boat vessel “Eddy Tug”.

There are several sustainable aspects:

  • The use of automotive engines within the range of 800 kW propeller power
  • Possibility of using automotive exhaust after-treatment
  • Better economic load on the engines (lower specific fuel consumption)
  • Higher redundancy compared to diesel electric systems but with lower costs
  • Lower fuel consumption over total speed range
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Instead of ordering a diesel-electric or diesel-direct driven vessel, you can now choose the most economical way of driving the propeller, while touching the trottle handle


Read more about the sustainable solutions of Veth Propulsion:

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