Marine Service Noord: LNG fuel systems for 7 ships

In anticipation of the growing demand for cleaner ships Marine Service Noord has developed three concepts for LNG fuel systems. In consultation with their customers they design and build custom made systems. They have developed a LNG vaporizer which can be built on a LNG conditioning skid together with the piping, valves and instrumentation.

Recently Marine Services built LNG fuel systems for 7 ships:
1x Chemgas – 2620 cbm inland tanker
2x Chemgas – 3000 cbm sea-going tankers
1x Damen – 3770 cbm inland Eco Liner
1x Bodewes – 5800 cbm LNG carrier
2x Doeksen – 70m long ferries

Environmental regulations are becoming more and more prominent. Soon Tier 3 will be in effect for sea going vessels which restricts the emission even further. Even stricter emission standards apply for the Emission Control Area’s (ECA’s). Using LNG as ship fuel will reduce sulpher oxide (SOx) emessions by about 90%. The Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions will be reduced by about 80% and the lower carbon content of LNG compared to traditional ship fuels enables 20% to 25% reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

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