IPCO Power: Fuel Treatment Systems

IPCO Power Fuel Treatment Systems reduces fuel droplet size to 3 micron and smaller. Depending on where the system is installed the smaller fuel droplets will create a benefit. Smaller fuel droplets enhance combustion, lower emissions, improve fuel economy, extend engine overhaul intervals and lower overall operating costs.

IPCO Power’s FID Reducer Sludge Reduction Systems are installed directly before the centrifuge. Sludge generation from centrifuges and filters will be reduced by 50 to 80%.

IPCO Power’s FID Improver Combustion Improvement Systems homogenize heavy fuel oil in the high pressure side of fuel injection system. The improved atomization and more intensive contact of fuel with oxygen will significantly enhance combustion, reducing fuel consumption and lower emissions.  IPCO Power’s FID Injector is a combustion improvement system designed to create a stable “water in fuel” emulsion. This results in more effective combustion, lower fuel consumption and a reduction of NOx, HC and PM pollutants.NMT logo PMS+BLACK