HyPS: A compact and lightweight genset

In response to a specific market request for a compact and lightweight generator set that is capable of managing variable loads at high efficiency, HyPS has used its engineering experience for the development of the 85 kW HyPS Variable Speed Generator set. The genset has a 700 VDC output that ensures optimal performance when included in a HyPS hybrid system. The low air emissions VSG is sea water cooled by only one set of seawater connections in order to minimize the heat load. Apart from a reduction in environmental impact the genset is also low noise, allowing quiet cruising operation.

The HyPS 85 kW variable speed generator set is used in hybrid marine applications for fuel efficient and low noise operation.

Currently gensets are usually fixed speed diesel generators suitable for heavy duty and with a long lifetime expectancy in running hours. As a consequence they are large, heavy and often suffer from light load conditions, resulting in bad fuel efficiency, high emissions, carbonizing, pollution, high maintenance cost and shortened lifetime.

The compact and lightweight HyPS genset has a light to medium duty operating profile and is suitable for variable loads. Consequently the genset offers high fuel efficiency at full load as well as partial load.logo