CIV Den Oever: A so created culture environment set up in former offshore-constructions

RecomFarm is an initiative created from the purpose of our organisation and aiming on a sustainable future. Vision Located on a, from ecologic and logistic point of view, optimal site in the North Sea or Waddenzee the first RecomFarm will be installed. A human-created environment with ideal circumstances for shellfish, fish- and algae species to develop, grow and reproduce. A plant from which these products subsequently can be harvested responsibly to be further processed at local fish auctions.\

The so created culture environment will be set up in former offshore-constructions. Offshore jackets are dismantled, refurbished and installed in the North Sea or Waddenzee. In, at and around RecomFarm sustainable energy will generated by taking advantage of wind and/or tides. The first “get-together” with an Oil&Gas operator is initiated. A wonderful perspective for mankind, wildlife and environment.