De Graaf Aandrijvingen: Prop.act self-sufficient hydraulically actuated clutch system for hybrid propulsion

With Prop.act – a new shifting clutch system – another step towards the future of ship’s propulsion has been taken. The hydraulically actuated, wet-running clutch unit that will be applied in hybrid propulsion between the E-motor and the Diesel Engine for example.

It is a stand-alone system, which is bottom mounted. Within the drive train it can be connected between two shaft ends of the cardan shafts for example. Prop.act impresses with a series of technical innovations and advantages, which makes it efficient and economical to use. The clutch system is fixed to the ships bottom as a stand-alone solution. The wet-running of the clutch ensures wear-free operation (within defined technical limits).

The reduction of Emissions and the optimization of Fuel Consumption in ship’s propulsion can be realized with a hybrid solution. The combination of mechanical power, provided by diesel engines, and electrical power, by electrical motors, delivers propulsion power, which assures the ship broad operational capabilities, providing the right amount of power and torque to the propeller in each operating mode. With the Prop.act stand-alone shifting clutch system it will be possible to control the drive train of for example an E-motor and a Diesel Engine. The Prop.act clutch system forms a crucial part in optimizing the propulsion solution to match the vessels operating profile.

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