Heinen & Hopman: The world’s first totally oil-free, energy efficient and lightweight compressors

Today, the world is looking for HVAC&R technology that makes a difference in efficiency, sustainability and applicability. For mid-range sized HVAC systems, a Turbocor compressor of Heinen & Hopman makes that difference. The compressor has no oil or oil pump. The shaft is hanging in a magnetic field, which eliminates mechanical wear and tear.

As part of an on-going quest to optimize systems and services, Heinen & Hopman has introduced the Turbocor compressors to the maritime industry. With a focus on the environment and cost savings, this HVAC-R technique makes a world of difference in efficiency, sustainability and applicability.

The Turbocor compressors benefit from aerospace and industrially proven technologies such as magnetic bearings, variable-speed centrifugal compression and digital electronic controls. Combined with Heinen & Hopman’ exceptional knowledge of marine HVAC-R technology, this enables the Turbocor range of compressors to achieve the highest overall efficiencies for HVAC-R applications in the maritime sector.

Exceeding all expectations, the world’s first totally oil-free compressors are a great improvement on traditional compressors. They are exceptionally sustainable, energy efficient and compact. And the absence of oil means there is no chance of efficiency reducing oil contamination or hassle with accessories such as oil heaters, pumps, separators and filters. No longer needing to be concerned with oil disposal is another major advantage.

Taking up half the space of conventional compressors and being about one fifth of their weight, Turbocor compressors reduce energy consumption by up to 50% and are around 60% more efficient than comparable compressors. They also have a long service life due to the absence of mechanical wear surfaces offered by frictionless magnetic bearing technology. This further enhances efficiency while adding value in terms of reliability, noise reduction and maintenance

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