Heinen & Hopman: New sustainable headquarter

In 2009, a new sustainable headquarter was constructed. Under the building a heat and cold storage plant was installed. In 2015, there have been installed 700 solar panels on the workshop’s roof that have fallen our energy costs by 15% in one year. The payback period is thus achieved within six years.

“Sustainable energy today means working on tomorrow.” – Heinen & Hopman

With initiatives from several departments and ideas from colleagues Heinen & Hopman is active on several innovative solutions. The Research & Development department of Heinen & Hopman will continue its research every single day looking for more sustainable ways of producing.

Geothermal and solar energy

Geothermal energy is thermal energy extracted from and stored in the ground, which gives the office natural warmth and ground water. Solar energy never runs out and does not release greenhouse gases.

Cycling for charity

With every kilometer the employees cycle on a yearly base, we sponsor charity.

Fuel efficient driving

Heinen & Hopman rewards their employees with company cars that run most efficiently on a monthly base.


No matter how much is produced, all of the industrial waste is recycled for 100%!

Efficient lightning

Sensors in the office will detect every movement and switch on or off automatically depending on the activity in the room.

Read more about the sustainable solutions of Heinen & Hopman:

Heat recovery: Energy saving of up to 50% possible

Cooling water from diesel engines used for heating

Cooling water from the diesel engines reused for producing chilled water

The world’s first totally oil-free, energy efficient and lightweight compressors

MGO Cooler

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