DMS Holland: The best roll damping system for superyachts

A superyacht is synonymous with comfort. To achieve the absolute highest level in on board comfort an owner “never wants to make compromises for stability underway or at anchor, he will only go for the best stabilizer there is for superyachts”; AntiRoll from DMS Holland BV.

The high-aspect ratio fin significantly reduces the drag by 50 to 75 percent whilst underway which has a positive impact on the fuel consumption. In addition, two fins of AntiRoll can be a replacement for the four fin systems by competitors. With the fin flapping at zerospeed as opposed to rotating, a greater lifting force (2-3 times more) is generated providing the highest roll damping stability while at anchor, the fin is also retractable and can be folded back in to the hull. AntiRoll uses an innovative hybrid drive system resulting in relatively low power requirements.

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