Drie-D: Many sustainable aspects to the use of D-glide bearings

Going Green is the trend. Constructions are getting lighter and smarter. Designs are being optimized, metals replaced by composites to save weight and material usage. Progress. Until it comes to connecting structures dynamically to each other or the fixed world. Then the clock goes back a century. To heavy metal roller bearings and bronze bushings, inevitably filled with grease to make them last. High energy density, material usage and environmental impact. Unnecessarily.

With composite D-glide bearings most joints, guides and hinges can be produced fully maintenance free. More compact and reliable than possible with conventional and far less complex.

There are many sustainable aspects to the use of D-glide bearings. The absence of lubrication means that in use they do not pollute the environment. The high capacity of the D-glide bearings make designs more compact, thus conserving material and the energy in production. Life times are long and predictable, saving on repairs and replacement and that way again on energy and resources. Friction of D-glide bearings is extremely low, minimizing the energy loss in motion and the energy and natural ingredients required to produce the material are only a fraction compared to conventional metal bearings.