We4Sea: Big data analysis to optimise fuel efficieny

We4Sea has developed a monitoring and optimisation platform for ships, focussed on fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 and other air emissions. The ship-monitoring company uses big data analysis technology in order to optimise fuel efficiency by matching the observed operational profile of the ship with the technical configuration, such as engine and propellor pitch settings. The goal of We4Sea is to reduce CO2 emissions with 1 Million tons in 3 years time. We4Sea believes the maritime industry needs to step up, to increase sustainability in the maritime world.

We4Sea helps ship owners to make better decisions, based on detailed insights on all aspects of their operations – technical, logistical and operational – that impact their fuel efficiency. A web platform offers these crucial insights – based on big data analysis of the actual operations of their ships. By addressing both the economic and environmental impact in one solution, We4Sea creates a win-win situation. It allows customer to follow and improve the perfomance of their ships. The application threshold is low, because the We4Sea solution does not require hardware installation on board.

Savings up to 20% on fuel costs, without the need for additional hardware on-board.

The solution of We4Sea offers great advantages:
– Using data of currents, wind and waves, these effects are eliminated, allowing benchmarking of a fleet of vessels.
– We4Sea also helps manufacturers of ship’s propulsion systems to better show their value in fuel efficiency towards their clients.
– The tool finds the optimal propulsion configuration of a ship, based on the needs of the customer and based on a vast database of historical sailing data.

Data-analysis gives insight into possible improvements in energy efficiency, based on the customers sailing profile. In projects savings up to 20% on fuel costs and correspoding air emissions are achieved.