Maprom Engineering: Just pure water

Maprom is innovative. Their 100% environmentally safe open or closed fresh-, brackish- or sea water-lubricated propeller shaft systems outperform the latest green technology goals.

All components are designed to have minimum friction. They are dimensionally stable and have a minimum wear. The (rubber) bearings show the lowest shaft liner wear in the market and reduce shaft vibrations to the minimum. The 3rd generation Maprom (face type) stern tube seals prevent shaft (liner) wear and enable seal maintenance without dry docking

With their innovativeness and their motto: a ship must sail! contributes Maprom to a greener image of the sector. The water lubricated propeller shaft of Marproms’ solutions do not use oil and consequently cannot leak oil from the stern tubes.

Environmental Research Consulting already in 2010 estimated the oil lubricated stern tube systems to leak 28.6 million litres of lubricating oil into port waters each year. Not included yet in this figure is the amount of oil leakage of ships sailing from port to port. Environmental Research Consulting estimated in 2014 oil leakage from ocean going vessels to amount to 240 million litres annually.

More than 40 years of experience with water lubricated systems with proven track records in tropic and arctic conditions, is well appreciated by all Maproms’ customers for its simplicity and reliability.

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