Hull Vane BV: Energy saving via The Hull Vane

The Hull Vane is an energy saving device for fast displacement ships, such as ferries, RoRo vessels, superyachts, offshore supply vessels, naval ships and coastguard vessels. The Hull Vane looks like a fixed hydrofoil mounted below the transom of a ship. It works by developing forward thrust out of the stern wave of a ship and by reducing the wave profile generated by the ship. In waves, it dampens the ship motions and therefore reduces the added resistance, while increasing the comfort and operability of the vessel.

The Hull Vane has been installed on several ships with excellent results.

By reducing the resistance of a ship, the Hull Vane reduces the amount of power required to propel the vessel, and therefore its fuel consumption. Depending of the ship type, savings range from 5 to 20% on suitable vessels. A reduction in fuel consumption is not only a cost saving, but also a reduction of all the emissions of the vessel, including CO2.

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