ENGIE: An LNG powered split hopper barge

ENGIE is responsible for the engineering, supply and installation of the systems on board an LNG powered split hopper barge, or ‘Klapschute’. The greenports1, built on the SCHN yard in Foxhol, is a world first. It is the first ship of this type on LNG. An innovative design allows the boat to split along its entire length to discharge sludge from the ports in Bremen to the North Sea. When splitting, the two parts remain connected by means of a hydraulic system and two hinges. ENGIE develops, in collaboration with Cryonorm Systems, the cryogenic technique for this ground-breaking project.

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) reduces harmful emissions compared to diesel. The CO2 emission is about 20 to 25% lower and the NOx emissions (cause of acid rain) even 90%. In addition, SOx and particulate matter are reduced 100 %. That makes natural gas currently the cleanest alternative to diesel. The use of LNG is an important step in the transition to emission-neutral sailing. During the presentation of the Port Environmental Award 2015 at the 29 IAPH World Ports Conference in Hamburg, the split hopper barge was rewarded with a bronze medal. End customer is Bremenports.