W.K.M. Cornelisse Trading: Solar powered lights

W.K.M. Cornelisse Trading supplies Solar powered stand-alone navigation lights used on barges, pontoons, floating objects, buoys, offshore and dredging equipment under tow and for salvage operations. These lights are fully autonome and can operate on build in Solar panel in any remote area or on dead-ship situations. Such lights are often used on floating objects under tow without own electrical power.

The lights of W.K.M. Corneliss are 100 % stand-alone powered by Solar panel, no electrical wiring required, no diesel generation required, the lights are mounted to the deck by means of magnets. This easy mounting avoids enviromental polution by welding activities.

The lights do not need external electrical supply, avoiding the use of generators running on diesel, gas or other enviromental poluting sources. Further the light weight solution is easy to handle for crews at high sea (compact housings and light weight) avoiding injuries at sea.

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