Wärtsilä Netherlands: Inline scrubber system

Wärtsilä has developed two kinds of standard scrubber designs to better meet the demands of the customers. Wärtsilä can offer the conventional venturi scrubber design,

Curve Works: Adaptive mould

The design and build of unique composite boat structures on a budget is now a possibility. Curve Works uses an automated adaptive mould, which configures

Netherlands Maritime Technology: A sustainable Holland Pavilion

The Holland pavilion which Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT) is organizing on several international maritime events has various sustainable aspects. As the stand builder is reusing

Bolier: The first pilot of Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence

Bolier has implemented the first pilot of Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence (MAI). MAI makes use of onboard and shore software to optimize costs and efficiency.

MME Group: Laboratories & Corrosion Engineering capabilities

In addition to on-site non-destructive testing and inspection, MME group’s in-house laboratory carries out mechanical, chemical, metallurgical and corrosion testing, as well as failure analysis

MME Group: Non-Destructive Marine Testing and Inspection

The first step towards efficient operation of ships and offshore structures is knowledge about their condition and integrity. In the end, this will not only

MME Group: Impressed Current Anti-Fouling (ICAF)

Marine fouling (growth of barnacles, mussels algae, etc)  in seawater cooling systems and box coolers is a threat to the performance and therefore the efficiency

MME Group: Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP)

MME Group’s ICCP-systems provide a modern, efficient and sustainable alternative to the still widely used sacrificial anodes. The ICCP-systems contribute to sustainability in the following

Royal IHC: FiTS

The introduction of the FiTs is a huge step towards combining a sustainable installation method with the demand for clean ‘green energy’. The FiTs ensures

Royal IHC: The world’s first LNG powered trailing suction hopper dredgers

Royal IHC and DEME are building the world’s first LNG powered trailing suction hopper dredgers. The ambition to reduce exhaust gas emissions and the search

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