MG Energy Systems: Implementing cleaner technologies without losing a competitive position

Specifically designed for full-electric and hybrid marine applications, this powerful battery manifests high-energy density with fast (dis)charging, while a liquid thermal management system keeps it

Alfa Laval Benelux: PureBallast 3.1

Alfa Laval PureBallast 3.1 is an automated inline treatment system for the biological disinfection of ballast water. Operating without chemicals, it combines initial filtration with

AEGIR-Marine: Environment care

AEGIR-Marine firmly believes in doing things the responsible way with care for the environment. We’re not alone in this world that we borrow from our

AEGIR-Marine: Corporate Social Responsibility

AEGIR-Marine firmly believes in helping others. We’re not alone in this world that we borrow from our children. AEGIR’s vision is to think a civilization

AEGIR-Marine: Air Seal PRIMAIR

Air Seal PRIMAIR is a very advanced stern tube sealing system. The air seal technology in PRIMAIR physically separates the stern tube oil from the

AEGIR-Marine: Prime Blue Water Lubricated seal

NMT fallback image

AEGIR’s PRIME Blue assembly is a reliable, durable and proven pollution free seal system for vessels with water-lubricated bearings. This type of seal is the

10XL: A 3D printer that can print recyclable plastic objects for the maritime industry

10XL is a Rotterdam based startup which developed a 3D printer that can print recyclable plastic objects with a length up to 20 meters for

Rentar EU: Increasing the horsepower and reducing emissions

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst is made up of a patented combination of metals and rare earth elements. Unburned fuel is blown out the exhaust as

GE: The COGES design

GE accomplished to deploy its COmbined Gas turbine Electric and Steam (COGES) system on fast ferries, LNG carriers and container ships. The COGES design features

Holland Container Innovations: 4FOLD

4FOLD is the first 40ft HC foldable container in the world that successfully has passed all required ISO tests. Unfolded it is exactly the same

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