Mobile green shore power

Mobile Stroom B.V. delivers, builds and rents mobiel power units used to deliver shore power to inland vessels. By using BIO CNG or BIO LNG as

Hull Vane BV: Energy saving via The Hull Vane

The Hull Vane is an energy saving device for fast displacement ships, such as ferries, RoRo vessels, superyachts, offshore supply vessels, naval ships and coastguard

Jumbo Shippings: FuelFocus makes reduction of fuelconsumption on existing fleet possible

Reduce fuel consumption on existing fleet by FuelFocus. This program leads to 15% reduction of fuelconsumption by trim optimalisation, RPM reduction and more pitch on

W.K.M. Cornelisse Trading: Solar powered lights

W.K.M. Cornelisse Trading supplies Solar powered stand-alone navigation lights used on barges, pontoons, floating objects, buoys, offshore and dredging equipment under tow and for salvage

TrustLube: Xtreme Grease

For the past 12,5 years, TrustLube has changed the way companies think about greasing. They have been able to decrease grease usage with over 70%, which grease

ENGIE: An LNG powered split hopper barge

ENGIE is responsible for the engineering, supply and installation of the systems on board an LNG powered split hopper barge, or ‘Klapschute’. The greenports1, built

Maprom Engineering: Just pure water

Maprom is innovative. Their 100% environmentally safe open or closed fresh-, brackish- or sea water-lubricated propeller shaft systems outperform the latest green technology goals. All components are

Theunissen Technical Trading: The CSR Performance Ladder level 3

Theunissen Technical Trading B.V. is a company that has a strong focus on durability, sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. To practice this focus, a CSR

Theunissen Technical Trading: A complete Marine LED-lighting assortment

Theunissen Technical Trading has a complete marine LED-lighting assortment for in- and outdoor application. The assortment includes navigation lanterns and searchlights. There are also special types

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