Lamers System Care: Hasytec DBP (Dynamic Biofilm Protection)

Lamers System Care is a provider of system solutions in the Maritime Sector. With a revolutionair new developed Ultrasonic System to prevent biofilm and growth on vessels and in (box)coolers, we aim to offer a serious added value solution to the Maritime Industry sector. This solution, Hasytec DBP (Dynamic Biofilm Protection), based on experiences over the last decennia, is now prepared to seriously handle the cost consuming aspect of biofilm and growth.

Regarding the fouling on vessels, it is proven that vessels consume up to 30% more fuel if there is significant fouling on vessels. With our Hasytec DBP Ultrasonic System the biofilm will not be able to develop, which leads to the situation that there is no food for the next level of micro-organisms. In this case the complete process will be stopped. This will lead to a significant fuel-saving in the Maritime Industry. In relation to box coolers, the sustainable aspect is the elimination of the alternative system: impressed current anodes. Our Ultrasonic system is sustainable and maintenance free and can be used instead of alternative ‘copper anode’ systems, which are poluting the water.